The Story of Habitat Island

                                The Old Wizard

Long ago, there was an old wizard who has been traveling for decades. He was over 100 years old and he was dying. Throughout his years, he couldn’t find a purpose to fulfil a hole in his heart so he didn’t have the desire to live anymore. However, he came across an exotic bird. The bird was strange to him because he never came across this kind of bird in his lifetime. The bird looked at him with eyes that seem to live through ages. Then it flew away. The elderly wizard couldn’t help but to follow the bird as if he was drawn to it.  The bird landed on the vast and empty ground like an elegant feather. As the wizard approach to the animal, he saw three baby birds that were resting on the hard cold ground. The small birds were shivering as the breeze blew passed. The elderly turn to find the bird but the bird was gone. The man turn back but saw the pitiful birds looking at him with eyes that were crying for help. He look into their eyes and saw that they were exactly like his. Loneliness and despair. The old man was confused at this. He thought “ Why do these young lively birds look so sad and empty… like me?” He gazed among their helpless eyes and he decided to do something. With his powerful powers, he turned the empty land into an island where the lonely birds are surrounded by love and company from newcomers that came to look for the home. The old man smiled and leave the place to find other places to help others. 


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